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Ministries and Services
The Liturgical Year
It is helpful to know the liturgical year and commemorating events for church life. The following are helpful information on the meaningful dates.
  1. Special Service for New and Old Year
    Special Service is given at the 0 o’clock of each year to thank for the past year and to greet the new year (January 1st).
  2. Ash Wednesday
    Considered as frst day of Lent, it originated from the practice of sprinkling ashes on the head of penitential as a symbol of preparation for suffering and coming resurrection.
  3. Lent (Color: purple)
    Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and it continues until a week before Easter for 40 days, excluding Sundays and Easter. This is a period for believers to refne their faith, to proclaim, and to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, in both joy and sorrow.
  4. Passion Sunday (Color: Red)
    Sunday commemorating the suffering and death of Christ.
  5. *Special Morning Prayer during the Holy Week:
    This special service is held during the Holy Week to remember the suffering and death of Christ and to come together to pray and share the Word of God.
  6. Good Friday
    Friday during the Holy Week commemorating the Passion of Jesus and His death on the cross.
  7. Easter Sunday (Color: White)
    Sunday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ who overcame sin and death.
  8. Family Sunday
    Sunday to thank the Lord for blessing us with homes and families. It is usually on the frst week of May.
  9. Pentecost Sunday (Color: Red)
    It is a week that commemorates beginning of the Church through the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, which occurred 50 days after the Resurrection of Christ.
  10. Reformation Sunday
    Annual commemoration of the day that Martin Luther posted 95 Theses to Wittenberg Cathedral, Germany, on October 31, 1517, which brought the rebirth of the Church.
  11. Thanksgiving Sunday
    This week is to give thanks and gratitude to the abundance of goods granted by God. It originated from the early Puritans who immigrated to America and gave thanksgiving worship to God after harvesting their frst crops. South Korea celebrates thanksgiving harvest Sunday on the 3rd week of November.
  12. Advent (Color: Purple)
    It is a season that commemorates the coming of Jesus Christ with joy and the time of waiting for His coming. Advent starts four weeks prior to Christmas.
  13. Christmas Day (Color: White)
    Day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and commemorating his birth into humanity.
New Member’s Registration
  1. Registration Card
    New members who wish to register at our church need to fll out the registration card (Green Card) and submit it to the information booth.
  2. Meeting with the Pastor
    Once your card is submitted, you will be assigned to a Guyeok** based on your residential location and age . The pastor in charge of your residential region will contact you.
  3. First Sunday Service and the New Members’ Welcome Gathering
  4. New Member Event
Education Services
  1. Bible Reading Class
    This meeting is held every Tuesday from 2 pm to 4:30 pm at the Main Chapel. The leader reads the bible out loud while the participants read along silently throughout the year. Short explanation is followed when each book of the Bible is fnished. Those who are not registered at our church are also welcomed.
  2. Three-Step Believer’s Classes
    Depending on the individual’s faith, there are 3 classes that spans 10 weeks each. We strive to offer believers answers and guidance to questions that arise from our practice of faith, and to support those who wish to live as mature Christians with sincere heart.
  3. *New Believers’ Class:
    Every Tue 8pm/Wed 10am, from the frst Tuesday of February /10 weeks
    *Mature Believers’ Class:
    Every Tue 8pm/Wed 10am, from the frst Tuesday of May / 10 weeks
    *‘Called’ Believers Class:
    Every Tue 8pm/Wed 10am, from the frst Tuesday of September /10 weeks
  4. Senior School
    Anyone 65-years-old or older is welcome to attend the class held every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Yanghwajin Services Center, 2nd foor. The 1st semester starts on Thursday followed by the frst Sunday in March through Thursday followed by the frst Sunday in July. The 2nd semester starts on Thursday followed by the frst Sunday in September until Thursday followed by the frst Sunday in December. There are summer and winter breaks in between. The programs include liberal arts, music classes, and outdoor activities.
  5. English Bible Study
    English Bible Study is held on Sundays 1pm at Reading Room for anyone who would like to study Bible in English.
  6. English Small Groups
    In order to support foreign church members and those who are returning to Korea after years of living abroad, small groups are held on Sundays 1pm on 4th foor of the Main Worship Hall. The group meets and shares how to live as a Christian in everyday life coping with various life issues.
  7. Teachers’ Seminar
    It is a seminar held for teachers of our church in order to train, encourage, and develop their capacity.
  8. Guyeok Leaders Retreat
    It is a retreat held for Guyeok leaders with a focus on training and encouraging leaders.
Church Community Services
  1. Guyoek Meeting
    We have fellowship with our Guyeok members. We study the Word of God, while discussing ways to live as a Christian and how model after Jesus Christ. Each Guyeok decides time and place for the meeting accommodating the member’s schedule. The Guyeok meetings are led by the Guyeok leader who is trained by the church to lead the group. The Guyeok meetings are divided into two semesters. The frst semester goes from March to July, and the second semester goes from September to December
  2. Friday Prayer Meeting
    Anyone who wishes to spend their Friday evening in prayer is welcomed. Friday prayer meeting begins with worship followed by joint and individual prayers with the leading pastor. This prayer service takes place every Friday at 9:30 p.m. The session for the 20s comes back every third Friday.
  3. Intercessory Prayer Meeting
    Intercessory Prayer meeting is held every Tuesday 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m, praying for nations and people, societies and church, mission felds, for the sick and for other personal prayer requests. Meeting starts with worship led by Intercessory Prayer team,
  4. Homemaker’s Classes
    All homemakers including non-members of our church are welcome to attend the class led by Exhorter Jeong Ae Joo. This program provides a place for women to share Words from the Bible, prayer, friendship. Classes are held every Friday from 10:30 am at the Main Chapel. First semester starts in March and the second semester starts in September, each on the Friday followed by the frst Sunday. Each semester runs for 10 weeks time span.
  5. Silent Prayer Room
    Anyone who likes to pray in silence is welcomed to the 5th foor of the 3rd Annex Building. It is open from 10 am to 8 pm, Mon to Fri, except Wed until 7pm. Holidays are closed.
Church Events
  1. Infant Baptism
    Infant baptism is available to babies under 24 months of age. For infant baptism, one of parents must be baptized, and attend class offered by Church. Infant baptism is held three times a year, in April, September, and in December. Parents must understand this is a sincere commitment that they would raise their infants in God so the next generation would inherit the Covenant with God.
  2. Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist
    For new members who wish to be baptized are proceeded in the following:
  3. 100 Together – Sports Day
    100 Together is a gathering time for all church members and families to promote sense of community and belonging. It was held every year from 2008 to 2012 and will be held every two years since then.
  4. Single Date School
    Single Date School is a program that presents and guides a healthy relationship to single men and women. It also provides fellowship opportunities for single members.
  5. Marriage School
    This is a program for couples preparing for marriage, or newlywed couples for less than a year. This program is to help couples cultivate a healthy marriage and family life by learning how to communicate and understand becoming a Christian couple.
  6. The Family Invitation Night
    It is a night to invite spouses or family members who have not yet accepted Christ. We share the good news of the Christianity and share testimonies of new Christians on how their lives have transformed through gospel. It is composed of dining, music, stories, performances, and entertainments which are all integrated in this wonderful event.
  7. Grants for University Students
    This team helps the university students in fnancial diffculties who have registered at our church for more than 6 months. The university students may apply for grants up to 5 million won per semester. Please contact your Guyeok leader for further information.
  8. Wedding Services
    For the young Christians who wish to hold a modest and authentic marriage, the church provides wedding services. The time and place need to be discussed with the wedding team.
  9. Standing Committee
    This meeting is held once a month to discuss various issues around the church management among the pastors, the church secretary and the leaders of volunteer teams. The term for the leaders of volunteer teams is 1 year and may be extended if necessary. Each team reports the progress and presents agenda for decision making. As many members from every part of the church comes to discuss, concentration of power towards a few members can be prevented and decision making procedure can be kept transparent.
  10. Disaster Coping Drill
    Disaster Coping drill is held for all members to be prepared in cases of any emergency and accidents. It is held on the third week of August, simultaneously at every worship space. All lights will be turned out, and everyone is guided to the emergency exit, fashlights, and emergency stairs for evacuation. There will be 2 weeks of notice prior to the drill.
Seasonal Event
  1. Good Friday Cantata
    On Friday of the Holy Week, Good Friday Cantata is held at the Main Chapel by church choirs to commemorate the Passion of Jesus and His death on the cross. It is open to everyone.
  2. Easter Festival
    This is held on Wednesday night followed by Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Church School organizes teams to perform on the stage. Also one choir team sings Cantata celebrating Easter Sunday.
  3. Thanksgiving Festival
    Thanksgiving Festival is held on Thanksgiving’s week every year. Each Guyeok forms a choir to perform their unique musical talents. Best performers are awarded and the spirit of the festival is to bring Guyeok members together for one common interest of making music praising God’s grace.
  4. Christmas Festival
    This is held on Wednesday night before Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Young children to high school students prepare performances including reciting bible verses, praise, dance, and musical performances. They also perform plays from the stories of the Bible.
Social Community Services
  1. Donations
    Church members bring goods that are not in use or to be shared. The donation team at church collects, classifes donated items and sends them to charity organizations. This team places the donation boxes in the main lobby every frst Sunday. The collected items will be sent to various charity organizations.
  2. *Every frst Sunday is“Sharing Sunday"
    We collect donated food items and goods from our church members, which are delivered to charity organizations and families in need.
  3. Community Support Services
    The church helps an organization or individuals in Mapo area in need of fnancial support. There are several procedures to assess the condition of the organization and the degree of support is determined accordingly.
  4. Social Work and Relief
    The church also helps an organization or individuals outside of Mapo area in a great need of fnancial support. This team visits organizations that requested the support in order to evaluate the qualifcation and adequacy in regular basis. The team constantly updates the information about the benefciaries before the continuation of the support.
  5. Domestic and Overseas Mission
    The church provides consistent support to mission work domestic and abroad.
  6. Hospice Service
    This service team gathers helpers who can give assistant to the patients in hospice care. The volunteer must complete certain course of hospice care in order to work in this team. The members who work for the hospice care need to receive a course of education and training at Yong-in Springs House and Hospital.
  7. Condolence Service
    Church also provides condolence services to any church members who has lost their loved one. The team helps to hold funeral and shares the meaning of death and hope for the resurrection together with the family of the deceased.
  8. Medical Service Work
  9. Reading Room
    This team provides a place where the local moms and their children can gather to share their book reading experiences. English and Fine Art classes are also availale by the volunteer teachers.
Yanghwajin Events
  1. Yanghwajin Thursday Lecture Series
    The Yanghwajin Institute is an organization founded by our church with the objective of serving and communicating with our community. It offers Thursday lectures as an effort to overcome the conficts arising from different classes, sex, age group, and ideology and to form an understanding and tolerance in Korean society. Lecturers from various felds offer lectures on diverse topics. The lecture series welcomes everyone and takes place at the Mission Memorial Hall in the Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery every Thursday at 8:00 p.m., except during summer and winter breaks.
  2. Yanghwajin Music Concert
    Every Spring and Fall this concert is hosted by the Yanghwajin Institute, and is held at the outdoor stage of Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary’s Cemetery to serve the local community and to communicate with the world. World-class pop and jazz musicians are invited for Spring and the classical music aritists for Autumn. Yangwhajin Music Concert by inviting world-class musicians to serve the This event is sponsored by Mapo District Offce, and is open to anyone, free of charge.